Programming - Exercise Solutions

Modified January 17, 2010.

This is a collection of solutions for exercises in Programming: Principles and Practice using C++.

Comments, improvements, bug reports, solutions, etc. are most welcome. In particular, I'd like to hear if someone thinks that a reasonable solution cannot be provided using the facilities described in the book "so far."

My ideals for solutions are:

A solution presented in the early chapters is rarely the best solution possible in C++. In places, I point to the weakness of the solution and point to the possibility of improvements later.

Because of pressure from other work, I'm way behind on this so the selection of solutions is rather empty, but the aim is to provide solutions to between a third and a half of all exercises. I'm teaching from the book again in the winter/spring of 2010, so there is hope for major progress. I start with the early chapters because that's where help is needed most and soonest. The count of currently available solutions is approximately 40, sufficient to give an idea of style and my expectations.